I was hired by Emily Carr University to create and animate original characters for the GRADSHOW 2016. These animations were projected around the campus to interact with the guests, and engage general public with art and university's life. The design resembles children's drawings, in order to evoke the feelings of purity and naivety in people. We wanted to create something that the public would easily understand, so we did a big emphasis on actions of the characters, because movement is a universal expression, it is art in motion. This project was a possibility to gather strangers and give them a sense of being a part of a family. It was a possibility to create common memories and shared experience.

This project was very challenging and I felt a lot of pressure, mainly because I did this in my first year of animation major, and I was working alone. I wasn't confident in my abilities, but this project helped me to become a better animator and designer, I have learnt and gained a lot. 

Special thanks to my instructor, Vanessa Schwartz; Liz Blomkamp for giving me the great opportunity; Matt Skinner for technical support and being patience with me;  Bianca Gueco for making this beautiful documentary! 

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