One day I was walking around Vancouver looking for fun stuff to do when suddenly something caught my eyes.  

I saw an amazing couple entering a dance studio and I thought: This is it!!! 

 I had all these epic movie dance scenes in my eyes. I ran into the studio and said: Shut up and take my money! I wanna learn how to dance!

 I was so excited that I couldn't sleep all night dreaming about my very own epic dance movie moment. 

                        I was very excited on my first day of classes...

 My enthusiasm didn't fade away even though I was the only person without a partner...

One day my instructor asked me if I would be interested in staying for a social dance night since they didn't have enough people. She said that I needed more parctice and that I might also find a dance partner:D 

Little by little people started coming in...

A guy sat next to me and we chatted just a bit. He said that his name was Diego.

 We were having a fun conversation when I was asked for a first dance, so I said sure.  

I didn't know what bachata was and I told my dance partner that I didn't know how to dance bachata. He told me that it was fine and he was gonna show me the movements. Little did I know..LOL

My first bachata was a disaster and all other dances that came after were also quite terrible, becuase I didn't have a right partner:(

I accepted the fact that I was a terrible dancer and I will never learn how to dance. I was leaving the dance floor quite upset and injured when suddenly somebody called me. 

It was Diego. He told me that I should give another try and I said alright...

We had a blast that day and that is how I finally found a dance partner I needed:D Turned out that I wasn't a bad dancer at all. I just had to find the right person.  We danced happily ever after with Diego every Saturday salsa night. 

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