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I'm Kerel Alaas. A 2D motion designer, cel animator & illustrator based in Metro Vancouver. 

I graduated with a BMA in Animation from the Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2018. 


I was born & grew up among Turkic nomads called Sakha in the far-away lands of Siberia.

For me, being an artist means uncovering the world's hidden beauty to people.


I live with a neurological disorder since 2019.


It affects the right side of my body and face.
Sometimes I experience difficulties with mobility and speech.


But that doesn't stop me from doing what I love.

I believe we should be led by our dreams and not by our problems. 

When I was young I wanted to be either an architect, journalist or animator.  That's why my art practice combines all three directions.


Topics of interest besides art:

architecture, conservation, education, psychology, cognitive science & neuroscience.


Fun Facts

  • I had a very Siberian childhood. I had a fox for a pet. 

  • I worked in a world gelato champion store for 5 years. So I know a thing or two about gelato. 

  • Bone carving is a traditional form of art in the Republic of Sakha. I received formal training as a kid. I used to carve figures out of mammoth tusks. 

  • I'm a cool person. I have 0 tolerance to heat, so you want to keep me refrigerated. My top vacation destinations are Nunavut, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark & Finland...and of course, only in winter. 

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