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Sakha Expression Stickers

I'm coming from a small indigenous nation in Siberia.  We call ourselves Sakha but we are also known as Yakut. As a result of Russian colonialism,  the Sakha nation has experienced significant changes and losses in the language, culture and traditions. 

As a Sakha artist, I feel responsible for popularizing, supporting, developing, and keeping our culture and language alive. 

Small steps lead to great distances, so I created a pack of expressions in Sakha language to encourage people to use our mother tongue on social media more often. 


Animator, Designer




2D, Animation, Motion Design, Typography


Happy New Year


Thank you

Wow / Fancy

Everything is great

The Republic of Sakha


Wow (really impressed)

The national flag of the Republic of Sakha

You can do it

Duh / Lame / Bummer / Disappointment

Happy birthday

Happy Yhyakh (Sakha New Year)

Amazing / Wow / Breathtaking 

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