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Visual Sonata

A short film about my creative process based on the structure of musical composition, sonata. 

I grew up in a musical family and my childhood memories are filled with music, songs and melodies. Since a very young age, I was exposed to different cultures, traditions and ideas that formed my visual language. I wanted to show these influences that continue to accompany me on my artistic journey. 


Writer, Designer, Animator, Creative Director




2D, Animation, Motion Design, Design

Beat Boards/Style Frames

The original petroglyphs are located in the Lena Pillars National Park in the Republic of Sakha. Storytelling is a big part of our culture. From generation to generation we passed down our knowledge through rich oral traditions that we still continue today. My Siberian background is a tremendous source of inspiration for me. The petroglyphs are the symbol of that chain of storytellers who lived on the boundless lands of our ancestors.   

The original petroglyph actually portrays a family of mooses. I replaced the calf with a human figure from the same drawing. There is a saying in Sakha culture that states that Sakha is a child of Mother Nature. The moose parents symbolize nature in this case and the central figure stands for Sakha nation. 


The invention of the wheel had a huge impact on the development of humankind. It's a very unique tool since it was the first human invention that was not based on anything in nature.  I wanted to include this icon as it's a product of imagination, a natural byproduct of storytelling. 


This design was influenced by abstract painters Guido Molinari and Leon Polk Smith.


I discovered these amazing artists from the 60s when I went to an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery a few weeks prior to the film's production. As a newcomer in North America, I'm still learning and discovering the art of this continent.   


Green-blue Bi-serial, 1967

Guido Molinari 

Green-blue Bi-serial, 1967

Guido Molinari 



Constellation Six Circles, 1969

Leon Pol Smith

I believe that designers are problem solvers. It's our job to provide people with answers when they come to us asking for help. 


This frame was inspired by the great Japanese graphic designer, Ikko Tanaka, and traditional Sakha clothes. 

The character is wearing a hat called "jabaky". The entire design is using a colour palette that is commonly used in traditional clothing. 


Siberia has a very unique geographic location being situated right in the centre of the world. because of that, I was exposed to European and Asian art schools. 

My admiration for Japanese culture started with my grandfather who was a ceramic artist. He always fondly talked about Japanese porcelain. 


One of my favourite animated films of all time is Disney's Fantasia from 1940. I was born right after the fall of the USSR. The newly formed country was overflooded by not only economic goods but also films, music and art.


So when Disney films arrived I watched everything with my family since everything was new and fresh in our eyes. Even Fantasia. 

This animated sequence references the film's segment of Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach.

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